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Suspension Specialists

Harry’s Spring Service has been the preferred repair shop and supplier of leaf spring and suspension components for over 70 years. Harry’s Spring Service has the widest array of inventory of leaf springs, coils, bushings, and other suspension components in SW Ontario. What we do not have in stock we can often manufacture or have shipped in over night. Harry’s Spring Service is your complete repair solution as we repair vehicles, re-arch springs for DIY jobs and provide parts to re-sellers and local garages. Harry’s Spring Service is also the preferred alignment specialists as we have performed alignments on hundreds of vehicles for local garages after they have completed repairs. There is nothing that we haven’t seen as we have repaired and completed wheel alignments on pick-up trucks, cars, classic cars, motorhomes, heavy-haul tractors, dump trucks, twin-steer cement trucks, firetrucks, and all types of utility and heavy haul trailers. Let Harry’s Spring Service be your parts and service provider for your store front, garage, fleet, or personal vehicle.